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Selasa, 18 Agustus 2015

Download Play Store 5.8.11 APK Free

Download Play Store 5.8.11 APK Free - hello friends, how are you today? ... hopefully healthy, now blogs Smartphone Reviews will discuss a lot of information about technology from the past to the latest, even for the future we discussed, now we will discuss first information that you are looking for is Download Play Store 5.8.11 APK Free hopefully the information we will convey can be useful for you, ok please read,

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Download Play Store 5.8.11 APK Free

Play Store 5.8.11 APK has been released. It has been pulled from android M which is also officially known as android Marshmallow or android 6.0. The play store 5.8.11 app doesn't offer much new features and includes all the previous features like menu transitions and animations. You can update to this latest version in order to prevent downloading problems that play store app sometimes encounters.

However this is an optional update. If you want it then you can download it. Since it is pulled from android M then it is currently more secure then its previous version 5.8.8.

Whats' New
  • Now new features.
  • Minor update.

Latest Google Play Store 5.8.11 APK Free Download

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